a(X)map x=3

a(X)map x=3 beta, “Santa’s Shortest Path Analysis” has been released.
“Santa’s Shortest Path Analysis” is used for Santa to find the shortest route to your house, which also dubbed “Project x=3″(x3project). As we all know, Santa will be busy this holiday season. So a “short path analysis” will help him save time and cost. 😉



Q:Why the route is not straight?
A: See here

Q:How do you know the location of Santa’s home?
A:See here

Q:Why Santa can not return a location of my zip code?
A:Ooops, really? Please tell Google Map immediately, or you won’t received your gift this holiday I’m afraid.

a(X)Map x=3
x.title = “Santa’s Shortest Path Analysis”
x.description = “Help Santa find the shortest path to your house ..”
x.created = 2008.12.24
x.author = Jingking
x.email = axmap_x=3@jingking.net